EXTRA: *snickers* Kim Davis Married an LGBT Couple

Callie has a chat with Camryn Colen, a transgender man from Rowan County, KY who was issued a marriage license by Kim Davis without question.

To get ahold of Camryn: http://on.fb.me/1ivcIEH

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EXTRA: Rowan County Couple Speaks Out

Callie has a conversation with one of the couples who was denied a marriage license in Rowan County by County Clerk Kim Davis. We talk about their relationship, their journey toward getting their marriage legally recognized, and their feelings toward Kim Davis.


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#028 – These Journeys Aren’t Ours Alone

This week Callie interviews some of the people closest to her about their feelings about her transition journey, and the journey of their own they undertook in the process.


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#027 – Good News Edition: Part Deux!

This week The Gaytheists talk about some good things happening for queer and trans people! Links to the referenced articles and such are below…

Transgender models in ad campaign: http://bit.ly/1WD4Xfr
Gen Zed cartoon with trans lead: http://bit.ly/1Jgcnek
Publication gives guidelines for supporting trans students: http://bit.ly/1J1ON8m
What if I knew I was Beautiful?: http://bit.ly/1IfeuPl
Gender non-conforming kids at summer camp: http://bit.ly/1WbMOoF

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#026 – Turning Inwards: Problems in our Movements

This week the Gaytheists have a chat about some various problems we see in both the LGBTQ and atheist movements. Its not about dragging each other down, its about us all doing the best we can to be the best we can.


The Greta Christina article mentioned in the show:




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#025 – Parents and Kids

This week we have some frank and open discussion about parent/child relationships from several different perspectives. First, a conversation with Ashley, who grew up with two moms, then a conversation with MISS Ashley from the No Religion Required podcast about raising her kids as an atheist parent. Topping it off is an extremely honest and open interview with Dany, a trans man, and his mom Charlene about their journey together through Dany’s transition.

Some of the resources mentioned in the show:

GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) – http://www.glsen.org

Heartlans Trans* Wellness Group – http://www.transwellness.org



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#024 – Behind Enemy Lines

This week the Gaytheists tell stories from behind enemy lines. We, our guest, and some of our listeners offer up stories for times they were forced to be in environments hostile to their identity as either a non-believer or an LGBTQ person.



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#023 – Gaytheist AMA

We invited our listeners to ask us anything, and you responded with some amazing questions about the queer and trans experience. This won’t be the last time we do this!

Here’s a link to the poem I reference all the time but can never remember the name of. Its called “Boobs” and its by a poet named Ollie Schminkey. Its unbelievably powerful, and the reference I always make is a very small part of the poem’s message. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi7Vss4GYks


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